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Homework 08

Objective: You develop the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) [.css] file and acquire any necessary images to provide the following page with the capability to morph with the season or occassion.

  1. morph.html shall be stored in a directory
  2. a .css file named for the particular holiday, season, or occassion will be in the same directory as morph.html
  3. all the associated images shall be stored in a subdirectory named for the holiday, season, or occassion.
  4. your css shall implement control of the following at a minimum:
  5. your css shall be css compliant without warnings

Feel free to stylelize the page with placement characteristics of some of the tags like centering or aligning to the right or left as desired

Please don't place any internal style sheet markup within morph.html.  Anyone should be able to merely change the name of the linked style sheet and the page will morph accordingly.

Some links to help find sources for any images that you might desire to enhance our experience.

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