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For those that can't tell, this is an abandoned site. It was personal project for me back in the day, but now I've moved on. Since, for reasons well beyond my own understanding, this page is scattered across ever search engine known to man, and, given that is hasn't stopped showing up yet, it probably will remain that way for all time. Thus, I have left it open to the public, until Tripod forces it from existance (If for no reason other than I will not be the one contributing to the forest of 404's that is the internet). The Uploads and Email sections are no longer functional (implying that they were at one time), and no further updates are planned. Also, the once well trimmed frames are probably littered with banner ads, and the links section points to no where.


This page is most compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher at a resolution of 800x600 or higher. I apologize to Netscape users, but you will miss out on a few little things.


Because of this server you may need to refresh your browser once or twice to allow the page to load fully. If you wish to link to this page, please use the address