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Spirit Chronicles

“A Cracked RPG Experiment”

I'm planning to start this game, in order to help develop the world of my new RPG, "Spirit Chronicles." As a result, the game will be very free-form. The world will literally be shaped by the players choices. The game will not start right away, as there is still some things I need to work out. I am accepting preliminary character outlines, but won't be doing much with them just yet. I don't expect the red tape to take more than a month. Due to the nature of this game, this page will be changing. Keep an eye on it.

The Game

This will be a heavy RP oriented game. No stats or the like. Combat will most likely be rare, and handled based on the characters design. I'm not looking to kill off any players, without good reason. Most players will have the ability to manipulate the elements. This has obvious combat effects, so I really would like to see to what extent this can have in ordinary (and not so ordinary) life. To start, I'm looking at 3-4 players, tops. I plan to leave the game close-ended. That way, I'm not kidding myself into thinking of running it forever. It is a possibility, but that remains to be seen. You can post as often as you like, but GM posts will most likely be once a week. If I find I can do better, and the players all agree, it could speed up. No promises. If you wish to play a "Metal Focus," (more on these below) I'm going to expect a lot more out of your character. Those in tune with Metal are at a severe social disadvantage, and will have to carry that baggage with them. I'm not disallowing these characters, but I will ask you how you intend to play the character.

The “Spirit Chronicles” Play-by-Web website is here.