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Spirit Chronicles

“A Cracked RPG Experiment”

What is Pneuma

Pneuma itself is the inner spirit, or energy that resides in all natural things of Midori. All characters have pneuma. It is also channeled by all humans to produce what is known as magic. In the world of Midori, pneuma is known to divide into a spectrum of elements. These elements include: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Metal. The first four elements are known as the "tangible spectrum." Because they can be seen and touched. Metal, though tangible, is not considered such, because no human can effect its pneuma. Manipulating the tangible spectrum comes naturally to nearly all humans in Midori.

    Earth is a calming force. It is passive in nature, and exists on one end of the tangible spectrum of pneuma. All pneuma passes through the earth element of the spectrum, and is believed to be where life is birthed, as well as where it goes after death. Plants live very close to the Earth element. Earth magic users are known for two things. First, they have a close relationship with the elements of life, making them Midori's most effective form of medicine. Second, the passive nature of earth magic often causes its user to easily go unnoticed in any environment. Materials such as wood and stone are most commonly used to produce earth tools. If you are told you have an earth personality, you are a passive individual. Known to modern times as a Type B, it takes a lot to get you upset, and your hand is steady under pressure. Inversely, they could also be implying that you are not taking something seriously enough.

    Water is a fluctuating, wise force. It is a rejuvenating energy, that exists between the elements of earth and fire on the spectrum. Through the ebb and flow of the tides and streams, water pneuma collects knowledge and wisdom from all it touches. From this, water users can often see images into the past. Over time, these images can become distorted with symbolism and metaphors, making it difficult to draw their true meaning. Water magic can take the form of ice, water, or mist, depending how close it is to either the earth or fire spectrums. Materials from the sea, such as shells, salt, and even glass make good water tools. If you are told you have a water personality, take it as a compliment. You are a thoughtful person, with an unbreakable train of logic or wisdom. You can think your way out of most problems. However, one could also be hinting that you spend to much time in thought, and don't take action.

    Fire is a vibrant, expressive force, due to it's position the spectrum. It exist just beyond the "solid" elements, but still very much effects solid matter. Because of this, it can be the most destructive in nature. Fire magic is not strictly for destruction. Often, fire users have a “silver tongue,” and can use it to charm their way out of (or into) trouble. The most common materials for fire tools are flint and igneous rock. If you are told you have a personality of fire, then you are passionate, energetic, and lively. Then again, someone could be saying you are over dramatic, showy, or just plain obnoxious.

    Air exists towards the far end of the pneuma spectrum. Thus, it is near intangible to corporal beings. It is unstable, and will manifest itself as water and fire (rain and lightning) in order to return to the earth spectrum. The wind carries tales from far off seas. Unlike the images seen in water magic, the tales of the wind are become mythical over time. Those who have have the proper tools can listen to long forgotten tales, far embellishing the events to the point of legend. Air materials are never common. Because of its ethereal nature, only feathers and wings of the creatures so blessed as to ride the wind can be used as air tools. An airy person is unpredictable. They're not crazy, just themselves. They often exists on the edge of society's probability curve.

    Metal is a mysterious force, of which the people of Midori know very little about. Some believe it to exist beneath the earth spectrum, while others hypothesis that it bonds both ends in a circle. In nature, metal has a tendency to absorb loose pneuma, and return it to the earth spectrum. Because of this, it makes it difficult for people to channel magic in it's presence. The people of Midori rarely use metal for anything short of the most mundane tasks. Even then, most purists prefer to use wood, or stone instead. For someone to relate you to metal, or any of its other known terms, is never a good thing. To imply that someone is an inept is a grievous insult.

So, no Magic Missile?

That remains to be seen. Part of the game is going to be learning what this magic is capable of. Obviously, it's not going to carry the same power as the average Fantasy Wizard, but that doesn't mean a little creativity can't go a long way. As things stand right now, the average person is capable of two things: manipulating the tangible elements, and converting one element into another. Alone, most people can't do this effectively. The range of power is just too great to comprehend in depth. However, society has created tools, very similar to the tools of modern day. They serve to assist in a set of tasks, making them easier. For example, a hammer makes pushing nails into wood easier than using your fist. Likewise, a stone hammer could be fashioned to make it easier to mold and shape stone. Even a pointed stick can serve as a tool.

A rare set of people are capable of focusing on a specific area of pneuma. This gives them the innate ability to perform as if they had a tool. These people are known as Elemental Foci, or just Adepts for short. This also brings about the very rare defect, uncommonly known as Metal Focus. It's more common name is inept.

Inept: The Metal Focus

Once in a while, a person is born without the ability to use pneuma. These people are often looked down on by society, because they lack many of the basic skills needed to function. This is not caused by a lack of ability, but by the fact that they are in-tune with the metal element of the pneuma spectrum. As a result, any tangible elements that are channeled close to them, whether by them, or on them, are absorbed and returned to the earth. With all of the energy flowing through them, they often also build a strong resistance to its effects. They can't normally be found in civilized areas, since they prefer to stay away from people.

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