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Spirit Chronicles

“A Cracked RPG Experiment”

The Rules

    [Generic Internet Etiquette] There, this rule covers all of the things I shouldn't have to say. The golden rule is in effect. Treat others like you would like to be treated. No flaming, no off topic posts, post where your supposed to, put on clean underwear before you leave the house, so on and so forth. That saved me a page of typing. As admin, I reserve the right to enforce this rule as I see fit.

    Follow playbyweb's TOU. 'nough said.

    The show must go on. Be aware that the current post rate is once a week. If you would like to post more frequently, and someone else is there to role play with, then feel free. I may even feel bored, and post 10 times in a week myself. However, if you fail to post in 8 days, you will be role played for. I understand that things come up. If you want someone to cover for your character, let them know. If you want to work something out ahead, let me know. However, this game will not come to a halt for one person. Your part will be played, with or without you. To be fair, this applies to the admin as well. If, in some act of evil upon the world, I am unable to post after 8 days, the players themselves may step in, and progress the story. If this ruins any plans I had, well it's my own damn fault, isn't it. You may even use the OOC thread to plot your twisted revenge against me.

    The power of the post. For the sake of time, and the fact that we are building a world here, you do not need admin approval for every action you perform. Leave story progression to the admin (I can be flexible, talk to me), and don't instantly kill any NPC that looks important. You are being given a large level of power over your character. Please, get over any power-trip you may be feeling. I assume I am playing with people here to role play. Otherwise, the Internet has a plethora of D&D “munchkin” boards for you to go join.

    Why are we here? Don't forget that we're here to have fun. When the game is no longer fun, it no longer has a purpose.

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